Yogaksema - Stress & Lifestyle Clinic

Yogaksema - Integrating Conventional, Herbal, Mind-Body and Energy Medicine

Psycho [mind] - somatic [body] diseases are bodily disorders caused by poorly managed stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, these diseases are referred to as 'Stress & Lifestyle - related diseases'. Scientific evidence shows that these diseases can be prevented, effectively managed and many times reversed by Lifestyle Medicine. At Yogaksema we have Integrated various Lifestyle Medicine into the following to provide a comprehensive prescription for wellness

Energy Medicine

Ayurveda Therapies, Acupuncture and certain Yogic Kriyas use body's innate ability to heal itself. Many researchers across the world have documented positive effect of manipulating the energy channels within the body to manage Chronic Illness and for Preventive Care. At Yogaksema, we use the techniques along with Yoga Therapy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine to provide Solutions for Metabolic Disorders, Cardiac Care, Cancer, Musculoskeletal Disorders and many unhealthier lifestyle induced ailments.
Conventional Medicine

The unique proposition that Yogaksema brings is being Modern Medicine Compatible. Traditional Medicine Treatments provided by Yogaksema are well researched and scientifically proven. Surgical Requirements and Modern Medicine Prescriptions are taken into account before creating Lifestyle Intervention Prescription (LIP) encompassing Herbal, Mind-Body and Energy Medicine.
Herbal Medicine

Yogaksema uses Traditional Herbal Medicine using Indian, Chinese and South American Herbs that have strong scientific evidence for their efficacy in Modern Day Ailments. The Herbs or Herbal Formulations are adequately researched for manufacturing process, dosage requirements and source before being prescribed by our team of doctors.
Mind-Body Medicine

Yogaksema uses the age-old principle of Yoga in the field of Medicine. It is no secret now that many Yoga Posture and sequences are effective in managing Chronic Diseases as well as for Rehabilitation in the area of Neurological Disorders, Cancer, Psychiatry and post Surgery.

Yogaksema Explained


Yogaksema is a Sanskrit word which means wellbeing in all dimensions of human life. With this purpose in mind Yogaksema Healthcare is in pursuit to acquire and preserve all that is essential to fulfill the purpose of human life.

Here at Yogaksema we bring in two decades of experience in Traditional Medicine and results of extensive scientific research on Traditional medicine to evolve safe, effective, and authentic evidence based Traditional medicine as treatments and services combined with conventional medicine exclusively to heal and empower each of you, with the only condition that you should be willing to take charge of your health. Scientific studies prove that integrative medicine works. It supports the body's natural ability to heal itself - and it does so without synthetic drugs or deep invasive treatments.