SMILE TM Retreat - Explained

In today's busy world, it is difficult to take time out to both relax and actively think about taking charge of one's own health at the same time. Keeping this modern world dilemma in mind, at Yogaksema we have come up with an innovative workshop in a retreat setting to empower each one of you to feel relaxed as well as take charge of your health & Life.

SMILETM Retreat and the core tool Stress Metrix is evolved by Shirley Telles, MBBS, PhD, a Fulbright Schola r, a neurophysiologist and a most published yoga researcher in the world and mentor of Yogaksema.

The 2-day retreat is a carefully crafted combination of

  • Clinical evaluation of Stress and its impact on your body-mind
  • De-Stressing therapies at SohamSpaTMa reputed chain of Spas in India
  • Practicing best of the tested yoga based relaxation techniques
  • High quality interactive health education sessions and Lifestyle Intervention Program [LIP]TM personalized for each of your health needs


Naveen Visweswaraiah, PhD, a Fulbright Scholar and an internationally recognized yoga researcher has evolved SMILETM Retreat and its' unique components for Stress Management and Lifestyle Enhancement techniques.

Raghuraj Puthige, PhD

With his leadership skills Dr Raghuraj, leads the team of physicians and trainers of Yogaksema to offer high quality SMILETM Retreat.

A team of professionally trained Yoga & Naturopathy Physicians and Ayurveda Physicians with an expertise in scientifically tested, authentic traditional wisdom and techniques for Stress Management and Lifestyle Enhancement.

SMILE TM Retreat - Objectives
  • Get your Stress measures and know its impact on your body & mind
  • Learn & Adopt Healthy Coping Strategies for an effective Stress Management
  • Know the role of Lifestyle and related risk factors in Health and Disease
  • Identify the Unhealthy Components of your Lifestyle and replace them with HEALTHY ONES
  • Be Empowered with Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for better performance & productivity

SMILE TM Retreat - At a glance

  • Stress & Lifestyle Consultation
  • StressMetrixTM
  • Personilized LIP™ Prescription
  • Evidence Based Yoga Therapy
  • Tested Ayurvedic Spa Therapies
  • Therapeutic Massages
  • Nutrition Counseling

SMILE TM Retreat - Inclusions

  • Nights & 2 days stay @ Hotel Crown Plaza
  • All meals included
  • Airport Transfers
  • SMILETM Retreat Kit
  • Interactive Play Sessions

SMILE TM Retreat - Schedule

Morning  Guided Meditation
 General Yoga Session
Forenoon  Consultation
Afternoon  Health Education
 Ayurveda Therapies
 Structured Leisure
  • Karaoke
  • Yogic Games
High Tea
Evening  Visit to Local attractions
 Personalized Yoga Session
 Interactive Play Session
Rest for the day